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Kealing Track Spring 2017

posted Mar 8, 2017, 3:15 PM by Justin Gardner
All 7th and 8th Grade students are welcome to join the Kealing Track team. We will resume practice on Monday March 20th. A completed AISD physical packet is required, as well as a t-shirt, shorts, and running shoes for practices.
Please see the attached schedule and frequently asked questions for more information.

Kealing Track 2017

Justin Gardner- 8th Boys- 414-2706

Ken Rydolph- 7th Boys- 841-1154

Tania Tasneem- 7th Girls

Zoe Jones- 8th Girls

Kealing Track FAQ’s

When is Track Season?

We will begin practice on Tuesday March 7th. Our final Track meet is Thursday April 27th. The season is about 6 and ½ weeks.

When do we practice?

We practice Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after school ( 3- 4:40 pm) on weeks that we have meets on Thursday. The practice schedule may be adjusted the weeks we run on Saturday. Your coach will let you know.

What do I do if I am going to miss practice or a meet?

Communication is important. Please call or email your coach as soon as you can to let them know when and why you will be missing practice or a meet.

What equipment do I need?

You MUST have an athletic physical completed on the AISD form before you can practice with us. If you turned in a Physical packet to participate in Athletics, or another Kealing sport team, that physical will cover you for track. You will need a t-shirt, shorts, and shoes that you can run in for practice. The school will provide uniforms for the meets. Track spikes are recommended for athletes participating in running events.

Do my grades matter for track?

Yes. All track athletes are under UIL No pass No play rules. The 4th 6 weeks report card will be used as the basis for eligibility. If you have any questions, see one of the track coaches.

Is track just running?

No. Track meets consist of running, jumping, and throwing events. Each athlete is allowed to participate in 5 total events.


What events are there in track?

400 M Relay                                        Shot Put                               300 M Hurdles

800 M Relay                                        Discus                                   200 M Dash

100 M Hurdles (Girls)                      High Jump                           1600 M Run

110 M Hurdle (Boys)                       Triple Jump                         1600 M Relay

100 M Dash                                         Long Jump                                         

800 M Relay

400 M Dash


Can I help the team if I am not the fastest person in my race or 1st place in my field event?

Yes. The team gets points for individuals placing from 1st to 6th place. Each grade level boys and girls really need multiple people to participate in each event to accumulate enough points to win the meet. Scoring is as follows

                                                Relay                     Individual

1st Place                                20                           10                          

2nd Place                               16                           8

3rd                                           12                           6

4th                                           8                              4

5th                                           4                              2

6th                                           2                              1


Do I get to pick the events I participate in?

Yes and No. You will have an opportunity to run the events you want to run. We only get 3 or 4 spots per event so we take the 3 or 4 athletes that have the best performance in those events (times in the running events, distances in the jumps and throws) You may be asked to participate in an event that isn’t your top choice based on team need.


Justin Gardner,
Mar 8, 2017, 3:15 PM