Ad·vis·er  /ədˈvīzər/

synonyms: counselor, mentor, guide, consultant, confidant, confidante, aide.

In a school, college, or university, a teacher or counselor who helps a student.

Putting the ‘home’ in homeroom and the ‘advisor’ in advisory.

The goal advisory is to create a community where kids feel advocated for and understood. Teachers take on the role of mentor and advocate by creating a team like atmosphere within their advisories.  Teachers and students will play team building games, such as Minute to Win It, and create lasting artifacts such as an advisory pennant and homecoming floats. We also would like advisory to be a place where students’ accomplishments are celebrated, from achieving set goals to competitions in and outside of school.  The role of an advisory teacher is to embrace the whole child and help our students navigate their journey through middle school.

Our goal is to create community, advocate for students, and celebrate moments.
Our commitment is to make the moments count.

Dream Flags

Thank you to the dream team of volunteers! You made 1200 dream flags come true!

A special shout out to Sarah Morgan and the National Junior Honor Society and Kelly Morledge with Student Council for helping cut and string the flags. Thank you to our librarian Kerensa Williams for cutting out flags.

A huge shout out to Patty Hill, Michael Word and Math in the Arts students for more flag stringing, ironing and hanging them in our hallways. The entry way looks stunning.

Thank you to Kealing parents Dana Curtis, Melissa Tanis, Meggan Carcasi, Mary Morgan, and Ann Phipps for cutting, sewing, cutting and more sewing.

Finally, thank you to everyone who contributed time and fabric to help beautify our hallways. Our students' dream flags greet us each morning, serving as a reminder of our commitment to helping students realize those dreams.

Kealing Middle School students will create dream flags, inspired by the Tibetan prayer/peace flag tradition, to line the hallways of our school.  Each student will write his/her dream or wish for our community and/or world on a piece of cotton muslin.  His/her message will be glued to a larger piece of fabric that will be strung and displayed in lines together from our hallway ceilings.  The ‘dream flags’ will serve a visual reminder of our individual and collective dreams as a Kealing community.

How to Volunteer?

Materials Needed:

  • Cotton fabric donations, pieces need to be at least 12” by 12”

  • Sequin, button, ribbon embellishments

  • Permanent Markers

  • Fabric glue
  • Please donate supplies in the Program Office (there is a box marked 'Dream Flags')

Pennant Winners!  
Each advisory grade level was challenged to make a pennant representing their advisory and show off their advisory's team spirit.  They were judge on the following criteria: 

Advisory name

  • Advisor’s name on the pennant


  • Relates to your advisory name

  • Every student has a ‘hand’ in the creation  


  • Inspiring, wise, or humorous phrase for you and your peers.


  • Has a professional, easy to read look


  • Invent something; be original

The Winners: 
  • 6th grade: Jaworski's Yodeling Jaworskis 
  • 7th grade: McDonald's Old McDonald's Cactus Farm 
  • 8th grade: Tenorio's Fiesty Lil' Things 
Homecoming Float Winners!
Please ask your student about his/her advisory's homecoming float!  Advisories were challenged to create a homecoming float incorporating the advisory name, homecoming nightmare theme and Kealing history by building a float out of cardboard boxes. The results were both creative and educational. Please congratulate the winners. 

    Pep Rally A: 
    • First Place Ms. Paredes' Bulls
    • Second Place Mr. Rost's Snowmen
    • Third Place: Ms. Johnson's Juices 
    • Third Place: Ms. Jones' Jaguars 
    • Third Place: Ms. Crouch's Crew    
     Pep Rally B: 
    • First Place Ms. Tasneem's Tasminions
    • Second Place Ms. Parks and Ms. Pena's Penarks 
    • Third Place Ms. Hart's Hearts Out for Harambe 
Jenna Martin,
Sep 28, 2016, 2:07 PM