1.  Essays (0-10 Points)
Applicants will complete two essays. One is written at-home and the second is a 30-minute timed response.   Each essay is scored 1-4, with a 4 being the best.  If the essay cannot be scored (due to illegibility, response in a language other than English, misunderstanding of the directions, failure to address prompt, etc.) the essay will receive a “0.”  Each essay is scored by a team of teachers and is evaluated holistically rather than by a list of required elements. Scores for the at-home essay and timed on-campus essay are added together, converted to the 10 point scale, and then recorded on the matrix.

2.  STAAR Test (or other approved standardized test) (0-10 Points)
Student STAAR test scale scores will be placed on a 0-10 rubric based on mastery level.  Students scoring in the “Did Not Meet” range will receive a 1, “Approaches” scale scores will receive between a 2-4, “Meets” scale scores will receive between a 5-6, and “Masters” scale scores will receive between a 7-10.  Other approved test scores will be place don the rubric according to percentile range. Please see below for details.

3.  School Performance (0-10 Points)
School performance is calculated by reviewing both report card grades and teacher recommendations.  Using the scales provided, scores are assigned a number from 0-10. The scores for Report Card Grades and Teacher Recommendations are then totaled and divided by 2 to determine the average for the overall School Performance score (0-10). Please see below for details.

4.  Admission Test (0-10 Points)
Students take a timed test designed to assess their potential success in the program.  Student’s raw scores are converted into a 10 point scale that is adjusted based on overall performance of all applicants of that year. 

Rubric Conversions