Students applying to the Magnet Program may virtually visit, or ‘shadow’ a Kealing student for a day. Current 5th graders will be paired with a 6th grade student host for the day; current 6th graders will be paired with a 7th grader and follow that student's schedule and be able to ask questions during asynchronous learning opportunities through the day. 
Please bear in mind this is our FIRST time trying to convert our amazing shadowing process into a virtual experience that still meets all our student's needs.  As we develop a more thorough plan, we will keep you informed. 

Shadowing at Kealing is not required and has no bearing on the admission process whatsoever. This is just an opportunity for the student to see if they like Kealing Magnet and they can see themselves thriving in our program. 

There will be a limited number of spots for shadowing offered between February 8 - February 26, 2021 that will be filled on a first come first served basis and based on completed applications. To request to shadow, select this option on the STEP 2 Video Submission jotformApplicants will receive more detailed information about selecting specific dates for shadowing in January after indicating interest and submitting a full application.  

Missing a Day of Elementary School
The Kealing Magnet Office will give your student a letter verifying the day spent at Kealing; however, you are responsible for making arrangements at your school so that your absence will not be considered unexcused.

Questions about Shadowing? Email our parent volunteers at