Recruiting and Application Dates

Admission Testing Dates

Option 3 Testers:

If your student still needs to complete the Kealing On-Site Essay and you have NOT already secured a shadowing spot, then you MUST attend one of the following sessions to complete your application:

Thursday February 7th: 7:30am - 8:00am

Thursday February 14th: 7:30am- 8:00am

(Please arrive early and enter through the front office.  You may wait for your student and when they are done, you may take them to their school.  Tardies may NOT be considered excused by your local campus.)

Admissions Test Information
The magnet admissions test is two parts:  

Part 1 is a 30 minute timed essay where students receive 3 different quotes to choose 1 from to analyze and explain what it means to them.  They will receive extra scratch paper to use to plan out their essay, however, only writing that is submitted on the final draft copy (colored paper) will be scored.  (Kealing Magnet and Fulmore Magnet have different essay prompts due to the different goals pursued by each program.)

Part 2 is the multiple choice admission test utilized by both Kealing Magnet and Fulmore Magnet, called the Ravens Test, which is a 40 minute non-verbal assessment measuring abstract, spatial, and logical reasoning.  

Each Raven test has the same format: a 3 x 3 matrix in which the bottom right entry is missing, and must be selected from 8 alternatives. Solving Raven’s matrices type problems essentially requires figuring out the underlying rules that explain the progression of shapes. 

Here is a Sample Question to try to figure out:


The variations of the entries in the rows and columns of this problem can be explained by 3 rules.

1.  Each row contains 3 shapes (triangle, square, diamond).

2.  Each row has 3 bars (black, striped, clear).

3.  The orientation of each bar is the same within a row, but varies from row to row (vertical, horizontal, diagonal).

From these 3 rules, the answer can be inferred (5) is the correct answer.