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        The admission test utilized by both Kealing Magnet and Fulmore Magnet is called the Ravens Test, which is a 60 minute non-verbal assessment measuring abstract, spatial, and logical reasoning.  

Each Raven test has the same format: a 3 x 3 matrix in which the bottom right entry is missing, and must be selected from 8 alternatives. Solving Raven’s matrices type problems essentially requires figuring out the underlying rules that explain the progression of shapes. 

Here is a Sample Question to try to figure out:


The variations of the entries in the rows and columns of this problem can be explained by 3 rules.

1.  Each row contains 3 shapes (triangle, square, diamond).

2.  Each row has 3 bars (black, striped, clear).

3.  The orientation of each bar is the same within a row, but varies from row to row (vertical, horizontal, diagonal).

From these 3 rules, the answer can be inferred (5) is the correct answer.