Applicants must show proof of primary residence within AISD boundaries by the application due date. 

Students not currently enrolled in Austin ISD schools must provide a lease, deed, or proof of home purchase showing a primary residence within the Austin ISD boundaries. This proof must be included with the application materials.

Primary residence within AISD boundaries must be maintained in order to remain in the program.


In our application, you will find materials that will allow us to assess your qualifications for potential success in our limited enrollment program. All information must be received before your application can be processed and reviewed by a team of teachers. Please do not submit additional materials as only the required forms will be evaluated. 

Your application must be completed in full and in our office by 4:30 p.m. on February 1, 2019. 


Items 1-4 will automatically be submitted to Kealing if using the online AISD parent cloud:
  1. AISD Intent to Apply for a Magnet/Application Program form
  2. Copy of most recent STAAR Scores (or scores from a nationally-normed achievement test) 
  3. Copy of 2018-2019 Fall Semester Report Card
  4. TWO Teacher Recommendation forms: 1 from ELAR/SS;1 from a Math/Sci 
  5. At-Home Essay 
  6. Admission Test and On-Site Timed Essay
OPTIONAL: Please submit a copy of your COGAT scores to be used to evaluate our admissions process. This will not impact the admissions decisions.

  1. Do you live in the AISD boundaries? 
    • If yes, go to step #2.
    • If no, you may not apply to Kealing Magnet Program. 
  2. Do you have an AISD Parent Cloud Account? 
  3. In the AISD Parent Cloud, search for and click on “AISD Intent to Apply for a Magnet/Application Program".   
  4. Choose your student and click on the program(s) he/she will apply for. 
  5. Make note of the remaining pieces of the program’s application process. 
    • At-home essay (below)
    • Admissions test and On-site Essay at one of the offered sessions
  6. When you click "Submit", the following components of the application will automatically be forwarded to us. 
    • General Student Information 
    • STAAR scores for 2017-18 in Reading and Math 
    • Grades for the Fall Semester 2018 
  7. After you click “Submit”, you will see a link for “Teacher Recommendations”. Click on this link to send the recommendation form to your teachers electronically.
If you are NOT currently enrolled in AISD, you can also complete the application on paper. The full application is attached at the bottom of this page in PDF format.

    ONE essay to be completed at home by the student addressing the prompt below. Email completed essay to: 

    Prompt: Why is the Kealing Magnet Program the best place to meet your specific academic and personal goals? 
        In your response, include details that will help readers understand your personality and perspective. Communicate your curiosities  
        and passions and explain how you envision your unique role as a member of the Kealing community. 

    Students must come to one of the scheduled dates to take an admissions test and also write an on-site essay. Please see the dates for options 
    for this step.  Prior registration is not required.  

    On March 15th we will mail you information about the status of your application to the Magnet Program. 

Sapna Duchesne,
Oct 8, 2018, 7:16 PM
Sapna Duchesne,
Oct 8, 2018, 7:14 PM