Part 4 Teacher Recommendations

Applications are only complete with TWO Teacher Recommendation Forms. One form must be completed by a current teacher able to speak to the applicant's abilities in ELA and Social Studies, while the other of Math and Science abilities.  

If a student is in an self-contained class (1 teacher teaching all subjects), a teacher from the previous year may be substituted.  We will not accept Fine Arts Teacher's Recommendation Forms. 

Please do not send Teacher Recommendation Letters. Only the forms provided will be evaluated.  

Teacher Recommendation forms must be submitted by teachers directly to the program office. 

Option 1: (PREFERRED)  Please use the AISD cloud to submit your intent to apply form and provide the email address of your teachers. A link will be sent to them to provide feedback. You may log back in at any time to track to see when your teacher has completed it. 

Option 2:  Provide this jotform link for your teacher to complete this form online.

Sapna Duchesne,
Oct 3, 2019, 2:04 PM