If you are an AISD student submitting your application through the AISD parent cloud, scores will be sent automatically and you may skip this step.

PART 2 STAAR Assessment Information

Please SUBMIT a copy of OFFICIAL RECORDS of your student’s 2019 Spring STAAR scores or equivalent nationally recognized state testing* scores from the previous school year.  

Please note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2020 Texas STAAR tests and AISD’s fall MAP testing were canceled. Consequently, we will be using 2019 STAAR data to determine whether applicants meet a minimum threshold in reading proficiency to meet the demands of an advanced academic program. If an applicant’s score on the 2019 STAAR test does not meet the minimum threshold requirements, the applicant will be given an additional opportunity to demonstrate grade level reading proficiency through a secondary short assessment administered online by Kealing or Lively in January or February. 2019 STAAR data will be used as a threshold score primarily- it will not play a leading role in the overall rubric that determines whether applicants are accepted into the program.

2019 Reading Scores

2019 Math Scores


Raw Score

*Other Test Percentile


Raw Score

*Other Test Percentile

*Common examples of other approved standardized tests include: MAP, IOWA; Stanford 10; ERB; or any other STATE achievement test.  (COGAT or STAR Renaissance scores are not acceptable alternatives for this component of the application.)

PART 3 Report Card Information 

Please SUBMIT a copy of OFFICIAL RECORDS of your student’s 2020 FALL semester grades**.  Grades from all core content areas are averaged together for the matrix.  

2019 FALL (Current) Report Card Grades

Core Course




ELAR (Reading/Writing)



Social Studies

**Students submitting non-traditional grades:  If your student attends a school that does not utilize traditional grading systems, it is up to the applicant to submit as much information as possible speaking to the curriculum that is offered and how the applicant has performed on different benchmarks of learning through the fall semester.  This portion of the application will be reviewed holistically.