Time Limit:  Between 2:00 and 2:30 minutes (content after the 2:30min mark will not be viewed or used as part of the evaluation)

Please use as much of the full time to develop your thoughts. (TOO short of presentations make it difficult to fully evaluate.)

Format: Most file types accepted (avi, mov, mp4) 

Directions for Students:   You will record a two minute video where you will introduce yourself to the selection committee and answer the prompt. Before you film, use the planning guide provided to help you create a clear and thoughtful presentation.  Your video should be a clear reflection of your individual thoughts and ideas. The video should be 1 single take, unedited and not altered in any way.   No visuals/powerpoints/slides/backgrounds should be used.

  1. Introduce yourself to the committee at the beginning of your interview:

    1. Full name

    2. School 

    3. Grade level

  2. Answer the prompt below in a clear voice.

Student Video Presentation Prompt: 

Kealing Magnet is a rigorous academic program full of diverse students with many unique interests and qualities.  Students who are successful in our program possess many of the qualities and characteristics in the list below.  Choose TWO of these qualities/characteristics and explain how you already possess them or how you’re working towards developing them in yourself.  The best answers will provide specific examples and stories from your life.  This is an opportunity for you to show the selection committee that you are ready for our advanced academic program. 

Kealing students are:

 Curious discoverers/explorers Independent or critical thinkers
 Driven/motivated Involved citizens
 Creative Have a range of interests/abilities/passion

Before you record: Do a self reflection on what’s important to you! Use this planning guide to brainstorm ideas and find connections between your list and the list we’ve provided. Review the rubric BELOW before submitting your final product.


You may use your phone or computer to record and upload directly into the form. 

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