Practice Admissions Test & Essay Rubric
We will be using a secure test site to administer both parts of the admissions test. We would like to allow all students to explore the features of this test site and use a practice prompt to prepare for the style of the essay. Please note, this is just a practice test and the actual essay prompt provided on test day will be different. There is no practice test provided for the math portion of the assessment.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter the exam key: 6BTLcQ
Step 3: Enter the student's information (Class = School and if Non-AISD enter N/A for ID)
Step 4: Explore the features of the test and read through the directions so on test day you're all set!
Step 5: The practice essay prompt below is also provided on the practice site in case the student would like to practice typing their essay in the space provided. On this practice site, students can also submit a blank test OR log back in under the same credentials to pick up where they left off.

Kealing/Lively Practice Essay Prompt: 
On the actual essay portion of the test you will receive 2 quotes in a similar style to the one below and you will be asked to CHOOSE 1 to write about. Please remember that by submitting an answer through this practice site, you will NOT receive a score or feedback. This is just to give you practice on the format.

  • You will have 60 minutes to plan, draft, and TYPE your final essay. 
  • Use a separate sheet of paper to brainstorm and plan out your essay.
  • Use paragraphs to organize your ideas on your final product.
  • There is no specific minimum writing required.  We want to remind you that the more you write and in-depth it is, the more your readers will be able to evaluate.  Use the full time provided as best you can. 
Note: This essay must be written in English only. (If applying to Lively- you may choose to write in either English or Spanish).

Practice Prompt: 
Oscar Levant, a pianist and movie actor, said, “Happiness is not something you experience, it’s something you remember.”  Describe an event that you are happy to remember.  Provide specific examples and details to support why this event was a special memory. 

Essay Rubric:

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