Part 6 Admissions Test & Essay Session - VIRTUAL

The entire session will be hosted online through zoom and students will utilize a secure test site to submit answers.  Students will be in small break out rooms where they will be asked to have their cameras on and mics on to ensure a secured testing space.  Students will receive a specific exam test code to access each assessment with the help of their small break out room proctor and will have zoom running in the background as they access the assessment.  

Please help your student by preparing a quiet, uninterrupted space where your student will be able to work independently and be focused as best to their ability.

Part 1:  Admissions Test is a 30 minute timed math assessment for 20 questions.  Students will be able to use scratch paper to work out math problems, but will need to submit final answers through the secure test site by the end of the test session. NO CALCULATORS. There is no practice math assessment available.  Assessment is mostly computation/calculation based, aligned to 5th grade concepts taught with some extensions.

Part 2:  The Admissions Essay is a 60 minute timed essay where students receive 2 different quotes/prompts to choose 1 from to analyze and answer. Essay must be TYPED within the secure test site and submitted by the end of the test session. This essay is shared with Lively Magnet. Students may attend any of the test sessions offered based on availability and what best matches your schedule.  

Please explore the practice test and rubric for students to use to mentally prepare for the essay and practice using the online secured site. CLICK HERE

REGISTER for a test session HERE and you will receive further detailed instructions closer to the test date.  

Test Dates being offered: January 2021
Please note a student may take Part 1 (math admissions test) at a Kealing session and leave early if they have taken or are planning to take Part 2 (essay) at a Lively session.  

Admissions Test Dates


  • If you receive 504 or Special Education services, please upload a copy of the IEP or 504 plan to the jotform on the application page, no later than five days prior to the test session indicating which date/time you will be testing.  If we do not receive the accommodations, we cannot guarantee implementation.

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