Part 6 Admissions Test Information

Admissions Testing will occur in the Kealing Cafeteria.  Please enter through the BACK of the school off Salina St.  Students should bring a jacket, water bottle, and something to read in case they finish early.  DUE TO THE TIMED NATURE OF ADMISSIONS TESTING, late entries cannot be allowed.  Please arrive 5-15 minutes before your testing session.  Families will sign in the back foyer of the school and assemble in the large gym.  We will briefly welcome all families, go over directions, help you establish a 'meeting point' when your student has finished, and then escort students to the cafeteria for testing.  Parents are NOT allowed in the testing areas. Students will receive a short break in between the two testing parts.  If students have taken the admissions test at Lively MS, they will be dismissed early after the Kealing timed essay.  Students may not leave the testing session if done early.  Plan for your student to do something quietly until the full test session is dismissed.

The magnet admissions test is two parts: 
Part 1 is a 30 minute timed essay where students receive 3 different quotes to choose 1 from to analyze and explain what it means to them. They will receive extra scratch paper to use to plan out their essay, however, only writing that is submitted on the final draft copy (colored paper) will be scored. (Kealing Magnet and Lively Magnet have different essay prompts due to the different goals pursued by each program.)

Part 2 is the multiple choice admission test utilized by both Kealing Magnet and Lively Magnet. Admission testing has changed for the 2019-2020 school year. Please stay tuned for updates on new testing information.


  • If you receive 504 or Special Education services, please upload a copy of the IEP or 504 plan to the jotform on the application page, no later than five days prior to the test session indicating which date/time you will be testing.  If we do not receive the accommodations, we cannot guarantee implementation.

  • If you cannot attend the designated testing session by last name, it is permitted to attend another testing session without needing to contact the program office. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED but signing up on the jotform helps us in planning. 

  • If planning to complete the on-site essay during shadowing, only the first 3 weeks (before Feb 14th) of the shadowing window will be available to you. Secure a seat early by submitting your at-home essay as soon as possible.